Yesterday we went to a travel meeting at the adoption agency

A couple who has travel twice to China to pick up their daughters talked about all kind of things. Basically a million zillion trillion things to remember.

* injections for China (Hepatitis A and B and maybe something else but we are going to the safest of the safest region, Beijing and Hebei and the safest season, spring, so we do not really need to worry about that)

* papers for travel-allowance, papers from the adoption agency, papers from the child care service, copied passports, copy of the papers which were sent to China, income statement, passport pictures and our visas for China.

– all in three copies and kept in our hand luggage 🙂

* talk to our insurance company so Sindri will be protected by insurance the moment we sign the papers in China (and not the moment he will actually become an icelandic citizen which will happen somedays after arrival home)

* Pay all those amazing sums of money ( adoption fees to the nursery, bureaucracy fees, train tickets to and from Shijianzhuang, fees for our travel guide in China – transferred before the trip and ready to be picked up at the embassy of Iceland in Beijing, fees to the agency here, plane tickets and yes, some money to have fun with, 谢谢 (thank you))

* double check with VISA (travel and luggage insurance)

* print rate spreads

* pack (good shoes and cloths for the three of us, some fancy cloth for me and Hjalti which we feel comfortable in to wear on the day we will unite, medicine for allergy, diarrhea, constipation, fever, sleeplessness, thermometer, tissues, diapers, ear plugs, headphones, raisins, dry cookies, water bottle, zip locks, games, blocks, books, camera, computer, hotel and other important addresses on carton written in Chinese, charger and plug, presents for the caretakers, red envelops with our address, all questions to be asked on “gotcha – day”, snacks and a stress ball)

* apply for child allowance (first 3 month we take together and then we have 3 month left to divide between us)

Sometime, well, hopefully soon…we will get some dates because all we know now is “expected in April” and then we must

* order tickets (Schengen only, 2 tickets to Beijing and 3 tickets, one addressee Shi Jin Ju)

back home

* well, use the stress ball before we pack it, Korinna does her yoga, enjoy partying, sleeping in, watching violent movies and sex on tv 🙂