On February 27th we got our official travel allowance (TA). This is a quite important piece of paper which states that:

“In accordance with the Adoption Law of the people’s Republic of China and the Convention on Protection of Children and Coopration in Respect of Intercountry Adoption, we agreed that the child Shi Jin Ju (male, born on 2009/06/06), who is in the care of Shijianzhuang SWU Hebei Province, be placed with you for adoption. Please travel in person with this notice to the adoption registry office within the Civil Affairs Department of Hebei Province in China to proceed the registration formalities.”

So everything is going well. Today, Saturday, we went and checked out a children’s car seat which we can pick up after the weekend. I went to my saturday yoga class and Hjalti went to the fishing club with his dad. Soon we will leave to a party and the annual celebration of Hjalti’s company. Sleeping in tomorrow i guess. Picking up the visas from the embassy of China here in Reykjavik on monday and the rest of the papers we need to take with us from the adoption agency here on tuesday.

I am relaxing in the sofa by the way waiting for my bottle of red wine. Munching chocolate chip cookies with peanut butter. I am expecting after all.