So all the paperwork for the Chinese government has been finished today with the application for a Chinese passport.

We will then apply at the Icelandic Embassy for a Shengen VISA.

The Passport should be avaliabble within 2 days here in Shi Jia Zhuang so we will be on our way to Beijing again on Thursday.

Today we went to the largest park in Shi Jia Zhuang and got to go on a merry go round. Afterwards we where invited by the local adoption agency for a really nice lunch with some amazing food. (Chilli, peanuts, Chicken and loads of fennel). Sindri is showing us how good he is at eating with sticks. Really amazing to see a small kid know exactly how to do the most amazing things.

It is really amazing to see the support we are getting from family and friends in the comments and in emails. It gives us all the strength needed to be great parents 🙂