So today we had the first full day off together with no paperwork and no nothing.

So what we did was to make as much of it as possible. (maybe a bit too much)

We went on a walk, to the local art museum and then out for dinner tonight for some great ramen at a local food place. It is easy to say we are completely done for after a busy day like this.

Tomorrow we have a day of market shopping and hopefully getting Sindri’s Chinese passport. Then on Thursday we take the train back to Beijing.

Something really strikes me about this whole thing.

The weeks and days before we got Sindri me and Korinna have been sleeping pretty badly. Short sleep and not much rest. The last couple of nights before we got him we where waking up 10x per night. Last two nights we slept like angels all 3 of us and the last one to wake up is always Sindri.