I really look forward coming home with my family. I look forward to clean air, fresh water and grass.

I was somehow positively surprised by this country and its capital but that fondness is gone. I am sorry. Me, my husband and my son are celebrating our first holiday together – the festival of harvest, fertility and reproduction. Red wine, lamb chop, fried eggs and sea weed – a dinner for three with left overs for lunch tomorrow for around 8 euros.

We are having a good time, getting used to the borders. When a kido is hungry it needs to eat, when it is tired it needs to sleep, when it gets a sip of iced green tea it does not – an entire night.

Well. I am truly thankful that me and Hjalti had a somewhat well successful upbringing. Quite amazing. We have been talking a lot about what we find important and i also find it quite a source that i have been working with children for the last 11 years.

My little boy surprises me. We sit on the floor, munching sunflower seeds. He goes and puts the shells into the bin and gets back to check the floor, collects every little crumb in his hand and throws it into the bin.

He is still a little bit afraid of water, but having some bath toys was nice. He is just not used to bathing and swimming but soon he will be a true Icelander. It is also good to have some things we want to teach him.

The upbringing here is of course different. People spit on the street, in Iceland only teenagers do this. But on the other hand there is not a single chewing gum stuck on the sidewalk. We also have seen a little roughness going on but we are super save here and there is a lot of love, trust and building a family between us. It is amazing. I love my new me.

We just really wanna go home. Even if the cherry blossoms are just about to spring. We are full and ready for Grafarvogur.

A while ago i told people that i might just want to have kids later. Then i told them that i would like to but i can not. Well. My apologies – Look at me now. Of course i want this. And of course i can.