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Sindri Snær

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This page is about Sindri Snær and his journey to his parents Hjalti and Korinna.

God save the home (Drottin blessi heimilið)

Being home Posted on 14 Apr, 2013 23:26:01

The little family has been at home now for 11 days and everything is going Humpty dory.

Last week was quite eventful with visits to the doctors and visits to friends and family. The doctor is happy with everything and tomorrow morning we are going back to him about the test results. We already know Sindri Snær is Tuberculosis free and that is a relief 🙂 (not that we thought any different)

Sindri is making good progress and the fact that he is starting to say his own name when we ask “What is your name?” is a great thing and makes us so proud of our boy.

He is becoming more and more confident and really seems to enjoy being here and best of all he loves sleeping in and cuddling. I was not expecting that in the first two weeks.

We are seeing changes every day and he can be very controlling. Removing that control some times triggers a tantrum with some screaming and crying but those are short and easy to break out of. We have to remember every day that he has lost everything he knows, he is doing a great job with connecting to us, talking and understanding a new language and experiencing a new life very different from what he was used to in Shi Jia Zhuang, China.

My lesson with this experience so far is the following. With adopting a child you are going on a trip with your spouse that is unlike anything you have ever experienced. If you are synchronised in your actions and keep a steady pace with both the child and yourself you are going to have the experience of a lifetime. Don’t rush into things, not with the child or yourself and try to understand why you, your spouse and your child are acting in a certain way, if you understand the reason for the action you will always be able to choose the right reaction. You will have to learn from yourself, your spouse and your new family member and it might take time or it might come naturally. No one but yourself can prepare you for what is coming.

Hopefully that makes any sense 🙂

More pictures to come soon!


Pictures Posted on 14 Apr, 2013 17:44:36

Setti upp smá ljósmyndaalbúm frá ferðini áður en við fengum Sindra í Kína.

Just set up a small album from the trip before we got Sindri in China.

Press here to see the gallery