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Sindri Snær

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This page is about Sindri Snær and his journey to his parents Hjalti and Korinna.


The trip Posted on 10 Apr, 2013 22:13:22

tonight Sindri chose to sleep in his own bed in his own room.


The trip Posted on 10 Apr, 2013 22:13:18

tonight Sindri chose to sleep in his own bed in his own room.


The trip Posted on 05 Apr, 2013 09:26:51

We had prepared Sindri by talking about planes, showing him pictures and playing with a toy plane, and ourselves for a very long flight which might bring fear and tears. Well, we got 10 hours of first class inflight entertainment instead. Sindri switched to icelandic time as seated, played, talked, ate, let us know when he needed to go to the toilet and just felt confident. He fell asleep as the plane lowered down approaching Copenhagen after being awake for almost 24 hours straight. We walked quickly between gates, Sindri smiled a the security check, fastened his seatbelt and fell asleep again.

Hjörtur picked us up at Keflavik airport. Sindri was of course really tired and basically sleeping, it was 10pm. Hjalti went to buy bread and eggs while Sindri had a quick look to his room, went to poop and we all went to bed.

We had a quite calm night and the first day was wonderful. I love being at home, playing with my son all day long. He does not seem to be overwhelmed by his new environment at all, he explores, plays, attaches.

He likes the oatmeal i cooked for him this morning, the whole wheat bread with icelandic butter, crisp bread with peanut butter, salmon, sweet potatoes, apples and oranges. He likes smelling our coffee, waves his hand and shakes his head.

He does not like fresh tomatoes (acid) and we do not give him milk. When we catched him we were told that he has been having an upset stomach which has been no problem for none of us.

He amazes me with his motoric skills. He also likes going outside (fresh air – hallelujah) walking on grass, his blocks, Hjaltis old playmobil toys, pinning and hugging us.

He uses fork and spoon or his hands to eat. He likes to have things in order but is not fuzzy. Professionally spoken i have nothing to tell you which would worry me in any matter. But of course i am overwhelmed my my son who calls me mamma.

Regarding the language i can tell you that he understands A LOT. He also uses mamma, pabbi, má (may – as in “may i have”), búin (finished – when done pooing), gjörðu svo vel (as in “you are welcome), takk (thank you), bless or bæ (bye) and mamma hjálpa (momma help) – WITHOUT PROMPTING!

some of these are not in perfectly pronounced but we are talking about an 3 year old here. Regardless from the fact that he had the first contact with us and our language 10 days ago.

Ah, and while he was waiting for his toast to roast this morning he ran and checked for Mjölnir.

Life is sweet. but three of us are even sweeter.

At moments i am waiting for the storm, but when it comes i will be prepared. I will think about that smily face who just came here, telling me “mamma popo” (mamma pissa – needs to go pee).


The trip Posted on 02 Apr, 2013 03:01:15

So we just got the Shengen Visa from the Icelandic Embassy in Beijing. We are very happy about this and it is the final hurdle in our way back home.

Yesterday was a busy one with a great visit to the local park but the afternoon was spent at the Beijing ZOO.

We saw Pandas, Elephants, Rhinos, Hippos and most importantly we saw monkeys and tigers. The tigers where very interesting for Sindri Snær and he seemed to enjoy it very much. Although being terrified of the animals first after a little while he got very interested. He is still talking about the tigers and loves looking at pictures of them. The word “Hú” means tiger and is in every other sentence.


The trip Posted on 31 Mar, 2013 11:47:38

I really look forward coming home with my family. I look forward to clean air, fresh water and grass.

I was somehow positively surprised by this country and its capital but that fondness is gone. I am sorry. Me, my husband and my son are celebrating our first holiday together – the festival of harvest, fertility and reproduction. Red wine, lamb chop, fried eggs and sea weed – a dinner for three with left overs for lunch tomorrow for around 8 euros.

We are having a good time, getting used to the borders. When a kido is hungry it needs to eat, when it is tired it needs to sleep, when it gets a sip of iced green tea it does not – an entire night.

Well. I am truly thankful that me and Hjalti had a somewhat well successful upbringing. Quite amazing. We have been talking a lot about what we find important and i also find it quite a source that i have been working with children for the last 11 years.

My little boy surprises me. We sit on the floor, munching sunflower seeds. He goes and puts the shells into the bin and gets back to check the floor, collects every little crumb in his hand and throws it into the bin.

He is still a little bit afraid of water, but having some bath toys was nice. He is just not used to bathing and swimming but soon he will be a true Icelander. It is also good to have some things we want to teach him.

The upbringing here is of course different. People spit on the street, in Iceland only teenagers do this. But on the other hand there is not a single chewing gum stuck on the sidewalk. We also have seen a little roughness going on but we are super save here and there is a lot of love, trust and building a family between us. It is amazing. I love my new me.

We just really wanna go home. Even if the cherry blossoms are just about to spring. We are full and ready for Grafarvogur.

A while ago i told people that i might just want to have kids later. Then i told them that i would like to but i can not. Well. My apologies – Look at me now. Of course i want this. And of course i can.

Back in Beijing

The trip Posted on 29 Mar, 2013 23:48:44

So we are back in Beijing now. Todays s schedule contains the silk market (bargain basement of Beijing) and the national history museum.

Looking forward to getting home though. This trip is very good but getting a little long now the last days.


The trip Posted on 28 Mar, 2013 09:07:03

Hey everybody

I got a request for some pictures so here we go!

Day off

The trip Posted on 27 Mar, 2013 13:49:21

So today we had the first full day off together with no paperwork and no nothing.

So what we did was to make as much of it as possible. (maybe a bit too much)

We went on a walk, to the local art museum and then out for dinner tonight for some great ramen at a local food place. It is easy to say we are completely done for after a busy day like this.

Tomorrow we have a day of market shopping and hopefully getting Sindri’s Chinese passport. Then on Thursday we take the train back to Beijing.

Something really strikes me about this whole thing.

The weeks and days before we got Sindri me and Korinna have been sleeping pretty badly. Short sleep and not much rest. The last couple of nights before we got him we where waking up 10x per night. Last two nights we slept like angels all 3 of us and the last one to wake up is always Sindri.

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